Saturday, 26 September 2009



TweakPrefetch has been discontinued as modern Windows releases don't require any tweaking of the prefetch system. The very same thing applies to SSD drive owners (in fact, Windows prefetch and superfetch have been optimized for SSDs starting from Windows 7).

Users of older systems (XP/Vista) may still find this utility useful for taming down memory usage, disk swapping and detrimental SSD I/O, so the download link to the latest stable TweakPrefetch release is available below.

Download TweakPrefetch


  1. This blog article is nice and I like it, thank you :)

  2. Nice! I will try it!
    (as Superfetch causes my svchost.exe to eat somewhat between 200-1000MB RAM...)


  3. Best Tool ever seen. I found it yesterday, of course I am Vista64 user with SSD drive. Tool looks&works like magic for me.Thx.

    1. Glad someone still finds use out of this!

  4. this tool should not be discontinued,

    slow disk and SSD do not need this running from MS

    they tear down disk usage special on SSD, in fact you can run this apox 3 month or ½ year you do not need so much tweak from system,

    and you wont feel this if you have a very fast disk, but fact is same, system keep access it and waste user's time and tearing on disk, and the slow disk you have this become even more harddisk bottleneck issue.

    i have always edit this myself on the pc, but with a app i can let other novice user do it.


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