Tuesday, 24 April 2012

iCleaner & iCleaner Pro


For iPhone, iPod and iPad!
Compatible with: iOS 4.x to 10.x

What does this do?

iCleaner was born as a solution to one simple problem every iOS user has to face: the endlessly growing "Other" section.

It is the first real iOS system cleaner. But it does much more than just that!

iCleaner lets you strip down iOS and your installed apps by deleting unnecessary images and language files, definiction dictionaries, wallpapers and much, much more.

The results are simply amazing. Many users were able to claim back entire gigabytes of space!

Shut up and take my money!

I wanted everyone to be able to use iCleaner. As a result, the app is free and ad-supported. All the functionality is right there, without spending anything.

More advanced features, like Activator and Flipswitch support, URL schemes and command line parameters, can be enabled by purchasing an inexpensive license. Oh, those ugly ads will be gone, too!

Awesome, I want it now! How can I get it?

iCleaner is available for all jailbroken devices. Not jailbroken yet? Check this website.

It can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository, already included in Cydia. If you're viewing this on jailbroken iOS, tap here.

iCleaner also has a Pro variant, which is aimed at more advanced users, and is only available on my own repositories. Why? Check this blog post. I recommend that you have a very good read at the user guide prior to downloading and using it, as this variant offers very advanced (and low-level) tools that are as powerful as dangerous if misused.

That's it! If you need more info or assistance, make sure to check out the online user guide.

- Ivano Bilenchi / @SoftHardW