Wednesday, 6 March 2013

iCleaner Pro

iCleaner goes PRO!: if you are an advanced user, and wish to have full control over your device, you can get iCleaner Pro for free from my Cydia repository:

NOTE: please uninstall "iCleaner" before installing "iCleaner Pro". If you don't, you will end up having two iCleaner icons, or just a non-working one. In that case, please respring your device.

There has been a lot going on about iCleaner recently. It evolved from a simple system cleaner, to a complete suite of tools that allow users to have full control upon their devices. This great control iCleaner offers, however, has been misused in ways I did not foresee.

Basically, it has lead to some major issues:
  • Some users were not happy, because they disabled some daemons they actually needed, MobileSubstrate addons required for other tweaks to work correctly, deleted images blindly without even reading the included readme file and understanding how removal tools should be used.
  • Some users actually sent support requests to devs and repo maintainers, reporting some of their tweaks were not working correctly and they didn't know why. When they were asked if they used iCleaner to disable Launch Daemons or MobileSubstrate tweaks, they replied they did not know what they did.
  • Some users even restored their devices, without being aware that the changes they made were entirely reversible.

I was contacted by the BigBoss' repo maintainer, who was concerned about iCleaner becoming a threat for user experience and unfair towards other developers. All I can say is that he is definitely right, not because of the features offered by the app itself, but because of the incorrect usage people were making of it.

Therefore, I agreed to remove the most misused functions (MobileSubstrate and Launch Daemons management being the most relevant) from the package hosted on BigBoss'. This way, such functionality will be kept away from the vast majority of uninformed users. Version 6.3.0 also features a button to undo the changes made to Launch Daemons and MobileSubstrate addons.

The very same thing happened to other developers offering similar functions (Springtomize, for example), and I'm afraid iCleaner is no exception.

Introducing 'iCleaner Pro'

I still believe there are a lot of savvy and advanced users who might want to make use of those functions. Because of that, I decided to release a "Pro" version of iCleaner, that will not be distributed on any community source. It features all the functions iCleaner had before, plus a nice amount of new tools. And, of course, it's still free!

So, in the end, there are no steps back being done. Just two separate releases for two separate types of users.

You can download "iCleaner Pro" from my new repository, or from one of the provided download links.


- Ivano Bilenchi / @SoftHardW