Monday, 14 July 2014

What's next?

Hello people! Here are some news about my recent iOS/Cydia development, and where I'll be going from here.

On the bright side, I'll push an iCleaner Pro update very soon, to fix the nasty iOS 4.x startup crash that happens with version 7.2.0. Sorry for the delay on this one, I've been actually waiting for some translations to be finished before considering a new .1 release.

iCleaner is (and will likely keep being) my flagship product. I'm extremely proud of it, and seeing it become one of the most downloaded and loved Cydia apps/tweaks of all time makes the countless hours spent working on it oh so worth it!

However, I'll probably start working on new stuff as well, as soon as version 7.2.x makes its way into the BigBoss repo. I have a couple of projects on my mind, meant for Cydia and/or regular AppStore submission. I hope I'll be able to find the time for all of this, given that I'm also studying to get a degree in computer and automation engineering, which kinda reduces my spare time to an absolute minimum.

In order to make this even remotely possible, however, I had to take a decision I have been postponing for way too long, but is now necessary.

I'll be discontinuing quite a bit of my old stuff. This decision is final, so please don't ask me to change my mind because it won't happen. Other than time constraints, there are different reasons behind this, that vary from package to package, so I'll try to explain them as best as I can:

  • MemFree - its depiction already has clues about it. As stated there, I never really liked the idea of building a RAM-freeing tool. As most of you are (or should be) aware, said software is actually detrimental to the performance of your iOS device (or anything else, really).

    "Why the hell did you build it in the first place, then?"

    Long story short, many people actually requested that I included a similar tool within iCleaner. I didn't want to, and I explained why they shouldn't be using anything like that, but most of them still seemed to believe they would magically be giving new life to a very old device by emptying its RAM, much like a trash bin. I therefore agreed to build a separate package, which became MemFree.

    I just lost any interest in this software, and I don't want to be supporting it anymore.

  • iTweaker - this is actually rather easy. Most of its functionality is now included in iCleaner Pro, and there's really no point in installing it (nor maintaining it). It's really just an overly complex bash script I used as a training ground before properly implementing that stuff in iCleaner.

  • No Slider Text - this is easy as well. There are simply so many tweaks that do the same thing, and that do not depend on Winterboard (yep, this is technically a theme, rather than a proper tweak). Lack of time and motivation also play a decisive role here.

  • All my old themes - they only supported up to iOS 5.x, and I never really updated them past that. I lack the time and interest in iOS theming, and I really just built them to mess around with WinterBoard out of pure boredom.

I'll be removing all of them from my Cydia repository very soon. I think some of you may still want to use them, so I decided to make them available as separate .deb downloads through this Dropbox folder.

That's pretty much all I had to say. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you understand my decision!

- Ivano

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Introducing iCleaner 7.2.0

Hello everyone! Today, I would like to introduce you one of the biggest updates since iCleaner first came to life.

A lot of time and sweat went into this update, and I really hope you'll be enjoying it as I do!

So what is this all about? Well, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you probably already know some of the new features. Anyway, here they go!

Activator support

I guess you've been all waiting for this :) You can now assign iCleaner cleanups to Activator events.

The cleanup action will present a timeout alert before actually starting the cleanup, while the no popup version will directly start the cleanup.

The most useful aspect of Activator integration is that you can use it to schedule cleanups at specific days and times of the day! You can create scheduled events by opening the Activator settings, tapping on Everywhere, then on Edit in the top right corner, and finally on Scheduled.

Flipswitch support

This extension allows you to add an iCleaner cleanup (with or without popup) button to your Control Center.

iCleaner uses Flipswitch to provide its buttons, therefore it's compatible with every Control Center tweak that supports Flipswitch.

WinterBoard support

iCleaner now supports theming via Winterboard!

Themeable images are located in the application bundle directory (/Applications/

URL schemes

The iCleaner://clean URL scheme will allow you to configure iCleaner with apps and tweaks that support launching custom schemes.

Command line arguments

Other than being run interactively, iCleaner now supports the following command line arguments:
  • -clean : performs a cleanup using the settings you specified within the app or via interactive CLI.
  • -clean -autorespring : performs a cleanup and automatically resprings upon completion.
  • -respring : rebuilds the UI cache and resprings.
  • -cli : (default) launches the interactive command line interface.

Wait, there's more!

I told you this was a big update, didn't I? :)

There are really a lot of changes, I'll list the most important here:
  • You can now set separate exclusion options for the standard cleanup, the images removal tools and the languages removal tools.
  • The old, boring readme file has been replaced by a nicely formatted online user guide.
  • iCleaner will take care of those huge iCaughtU Pro logs for you :)
  • Improved cleanup performance, it cleans deeper and faster!
  • More stuff...
  • Even more stuff...
  • Check the full changelog here

Whew, that was a huge writeup. Hope you'll be enjoying the changes!

I hope you understand a lot of work went into this update, especially into all the automation features, so they'll be available for everyone who purchased a registration code. If you purchased an ads removal code in the past, all the features come free of charge, as promised!

You can download iCleaner Pro 7.2.0 from one of my repositories.

As usual, if you find anything wrong or need assistance, feel free to drop me an email at


Monday, 6 January 2014

Old iCleaner Changelogs

- 6.3.3: fixed a crash on startup someone was experiencing; second attempt at fixing a bug with older, non multitasking-supported devices (device not respringing upon cleanup completion); minor bugfixes.

- 6.3.2: disallowed adding dangerous extensions to the filetypes cleanup; attempt at fixing a bug with older, non multitasking-supported devices (device not respringing upon cleanup completion); minor bugfixes and improvements.

- 6.3.1: added language UI support for Bulgarian and Thai; updated translations; improved the languages removal tool (it now clears up Chinese and Japanese tokenizers, if they are selected - 100 MiB in size); improved the preferences removal tool (pro); added "Weibo" daemon to the daemons manager (pro); removed some dependencies; marginally improved cleanup speed; minor bugfixes and improvements.

- 6.3.0: released "pro" version; Daemons and MobileSubstrate addons management now only available in the "pro" version; added button to undo changes made to Daemons and MobileSubstrate addons (standard version only); added "Preference Bundles" management to the "System" tab (pro version only); added preference files removal tool to the "More" tab (pro version only); added wallpapers removal tool; new supported apps: Spotify; added more files to the cleanup list; added timestamp to the log file; added language UI support for Danish and Indonesian; updated translations; bugfixes and improvements.

- 6.2.3: added search history to Safari cleanup; updated translations; bugfixes and improvements.

- 6.2.2: added iOS 6 specific daemons; improved the way iCleaner disables Launch Daemons; new supported apps: SoundCloud; updated translations; bugfixes, UI changes and improvements.

- 6.2.1: added "search" function to the ReadMe and log file; new, faster application scan; added language UI support for Persian; updated translations; added "Credits" to the settings tab; iOS 6 compatibility fixes; minor bugfixes, UI changes and improvements.

- 6.2.0: added "System" tab, with Launch Daemons and MobileSubstrate addon management; added iTunesArtwork files removal tool; added automatic and manual check for updates; added locale-awareness; added Cydia apps caches cleanup to the "Cydia" step; moved specific Cydia apps cleanup from "Applications" to "Cydia"; redesigned "Applications" cleanup; added more files to the cleanup list; improved overall speed; bugfixes and improvements.

- 6.1.0: redesigned UI; added language UI support for Catalan; new supported apps: Atomic Browser, Dolphin Browser, Google Maps, Mercury Browser; added "Linguistic Data" files to the keyboards removal tool; improved iPad images removal; added "Translate iCleaner" button; added "tmp" and "temp" as default to the filetypes cleanup; added "Persian" to the language removal tool (it was previously included in "Iranian"); moved "junk.txt" log file to "/var/mobile/Library/iCleaner"; minor bugfixes and improvements.

- 6.0.1: improved "Applications" cleanup; new supported apps: Downloads, Google, SoundHound; added OTA update cache to the "Cache files" step; added more files to the cleanup list; minor bugfixes and improvements.

- 6.0.0: Added voice control languages removal tool; added keyboards removal tool; added 4" images removal tool; improved images removal tools; added iPhone 5 and iPad display support; moved file size and file count on top of the log file; new supported apps: Badoo, Snapseed, Wikipedia; added more languages to the language removal tool; added more files to the cleanup list; UI changes; bugfixes and improvements.

- 5.4.2: Added language UI support for Serbian; language can be changed without restarting the app; saved preferences will no longer be deleted when updating; implemented device awareness for the image removal tools; updated support for Facebook and Twitter; improved iPad images removal; added more files to the cleanup list.

- 5.4.1: Re-introduced Hebrew and Dutch (were excluded by mistake); new supported apps: Facebook Pages Manager; minor bugfixes and improvements.

- 5.4.0: Added language UI support for Slovenian and Swedish; added iPad images removal tool; added languages removal tool; new supported apps: Chrome; added more files to the cleanup list; fixed a bug that would crash the app when trying to configure filetype cleanup on iOS 4.x; bugfixes, improvements and UI changes.

- 5.3.1: Major bugfix, "moving fonts folder" caused a reboot loop if "syscleanpro" was previously used. Fixed; minor bugfixes.

- 5.3.0: Added language UI support for Czech and Polish; added UI application exclusion (for both cleanup and image removal); added fonts mover tool; "retina/non retina image removal tool" now also removes iPad retina images; new supported apps: Flipboard; added more files to the cleanup list; significantly improved cleanup speed; more accurate freed space detection when cleaning up; interface changes.

- 5.2.1: Added language UI support for Brazilian Portuguese and Korean; updated/fixed some translations; now officially supports iOS 5.1.x; disabled phone auto-lock when the app is running; new supported apps: Google+, Tweetbot, Sparrow; application scan module revamped; improved "unused dependencies" removal; added more files to the cleanup list; fixed some bugs.

- 5.2.0: Added language UI support for Dutch, Turkish and Hungarian (some are incomplete); added Test Mode; added retina and non-retina image removal tool; added application exclusion (terminal only, for now).

- 5.1.1: Added language UI support for Arabic; fixed a minor bug.

- 5.1.0: Added progress bar; added support for landscape orientation; added language UI support for: French, Spanish, German, Russian, Finnish, Japanese, Ukrainian, simplified and traditional Chinese, Croatian and Hebrew; possibly fixed a major freeze; added more files to the cleanup list.

- 5.0.0: Completely redesigned UI; added analyze and log display functions to the Springboard app; added multilanguage UI support; implemented a safer "respring" method (thanks to BigBoss); removed step-by-step confirmation (not needed anymore); Facebook caches now get properly deleted; added more files to the cleanup list.

- 4.1.0: Added Cydia sources cleanup and unused dependencies removal; second attempt to fix startup crash on iOS 5.1; various bugfixes (possible fix for white icons).

- 4.0.2: Attempted to fix startup crash on iOS 5.1.

- 4.0.1: Fixed portrait orientation; fixed some minor bugs.

- 4.0.0: Added confirmation popups; added settings configuration; filesize is now shown on the Springboard app as well; bugfixes and visual improvements.

- 3.0.1: New supported apps: Instagram.

- 3.0.0: Added filetype cleanup. New supported apps: Twitter, Facebook Messenger.

- 2.0.0: Added applications cleanup, analyze function and known apps search module. Supported apps: iFile, Facebook, Skyfire, iCabMobile.

- 1.0.0: Initial release.