Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Introducing iCleaner 7.2.0

Hello everyone! Today, I would like to introduce you one of the biggest updates since iCleaner first came to life.

A lot of time and sweat went into this update, and I really hope you'll be enjoying it as I do!

So what is this all about? Well, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you probably already know some of the new features. Anyway, here they go!

Activator support

I guess you've been all waiting for this :) You can now assign iCleaner cleanups to Activator events.

The cleanup action will present a timeout alert before actually starting the cleanup, while the no popup version will directly start the cleanup.

The most useful aspect of Activator integration is that you can use it to schedule cleanups at specific days and times of the day! You can create scheduled events by opening the Activator settings, tapping on Everywhere, then on Edit in the top right corner, and finally on Scheduled.

Flipswitch support

This extension allows you to add an iCleaner cleanup (with or without popup) button to your Control Center.

iCleaner uses Flipswitch to provide its buttons, therefore it's compatible with every Control Center tweak that supports Flipswitch.

WinterBoard support

iCleaner now supports theming via Winterboard!

Themeable images are located in the application bundle directory (/Applications/

URL schemes

The iCleaner://clean URL scheme will allow you to configure iCleaner with apps and tweaks that support launching custom schemes.

Command line arguments

Other than being run interactively, iCleaner now supports the following command line arguments:
  • -clean : performs a cleanup using the settings you specified within the app or via interactive CLI.
  • -clean -autorespring : performs a cleanup and automatically resprings upon completion.
  • -respring : rebuilds the UI cache and resprings.
  • -cli : (default) launches the interactive command line interface.

Wait, there's more!

I told you this was a big update, didn't I? :)

There are really a lot of changes, I'll list the most important here:
  • You can now set separate exclusion options for the standard cleanup, the images removal tools and the languages removal tools.
  • The old, boring readme file has been replaced by a nicely formatted online user guide.
  • iCleaner will take care of those huge iCaughtU Pro logs for you :)
  • Improved cleanup performance, it cleans deeper and faster!
  • More stuff...
  • Even more stuff...
  • Check the full changelog here

Whew, that was a huge writeup. Hope you'll be enjoying the changes!

I hope you understand a lot of work went into this update, especially into all the automation features, so they'll be available for everyone who purchased a registration code. If you purchased an ads removal code in the past, all the features come free of charge, as promised!

You can download iCleaner Pro 7.2.0 from one of my repositories.

As usual, if you find anything wrong or need assistance, feel free to drop me an email at