Monday, 14 July 2014

What's next?

Hello people! Here are some news about my recent iOS/Cydia development, and where I'll be going from here.

On the bright side, I'll push an iCleaner Pro update very soon, to fix the nasty iOS 4.x startup crash that happens with version 7.2.0. Sorry for the delay on this one, I've been actually waiting for some translations to be finished before considering a new .1 release.

iCleaner is (and will likely keep being) my flagship product. I'm extremely proud of it, and seeing it become one of the most downloaded and loved Cydia apps/tweaks of all time makes the countless hours spent working on it oh so worth it!

However, I'll probably start working on new stuff as well, as soon as version 7.2.x makes its way into the BigBoss repo. I have a couple of projects on my mind, meant for Cydia and/or regular AppStore submission. I hope I'll be able to find the time for all of this, given that I'm also studying to get a degree in computer and automation engineering, which kinda reduces my spare time to an absolute minimum.

In order to make this even remotely possible, however, I had to take a decision I have been postponing for way too long, but is now necessary.

I'll be discontinuing quite a bit of my old stuff. This decision is final, so please don't ask me to change my mind because it won't happen. Other than time constraints, there are different reasons behind this, that vary from package to package, so I'll try to explain them as best as I can:

  • MemFree - its depiction already has clues about it. As stated there, I never really liked the idea of building a RAM-freeing tool. As most of you are (or should be) aware, said software is actually detrimental to the performance of your iOS device (or anything else, really).

    "Why the hell did you build it in the first place, then?"

    Long story short, many people actually requested that I included a similar tool within iCleaner. I didn't want to, and I explained why they shouldn't be using anything like that, but most of them still seemed to believe they would magically be giving new life to a very old device by emptying its RAM, much like a trash bin. I therefore agreed to build a separate package, which became MemFree.

    I just lost any interest in this software, and I don't want to be supporting it anymore.

  • iTweaker - this is actually rather easy. Most of its functionality is now included in iCleaner Pro, and there's really no point in installing it (nor maintaining it). It's really just an overly complex bash script I used as a training ground before properly implementing that stuff in iCleaner.

  • No Slider Text - this is easy as well. There are simply so many tweaks that do the same thing, and that do not depend on Winterboard (yep, this is technically a theme, rather than a proper tweak). Lack of time and motivation also play a decisive role here.

  • All my old themes - they only supported up to iOS 5.x, and I never really updated them past that. I lack the time and interest in iOS theming, and I really just built them to mess around with WinterBoard out of pure boredom.

I'll be removing all of them from my Cydia repository very soon. I think some of you may still want to use them, so I decided to make them available as separate .deb downloads through this Dropbox folder.

That's pretty much all I had to say. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope you understand my decision!

- Ivano